Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Rest in peace Oscar de la Renta

Like many others, I was saddened to hear of the passing of my favourite fashion designer, Oscar de le Renta. 

If I had the means I would dress in his designs every single day. The man knew how to dress a woman. 

His passing, and his spring / summer 2015 collection have spurred me to make a dress inspired by the legend himself. 

        Dress by Oscar de la Renta S/S 2015

Of course my dress will be no where near as beautiful as Mr de le Renta's, but I feel happy paying my own little homage to such a legend. 

Goodnight Oscar de la Renta, and thank you for the joy that you brought from sharing your beautiful garments and vision. Sleep well xx

Friday, 26 September 2014

Finished ! :) Phew !

Pickings have been pretty slim around here of late. 

But ! As of midday, this past Tuesday 23rd September I officially submitted my dissertation and I have now finished working on my degree. 

Yay !!! 

So um I drank a LOT of this to celebrate :) 
I'm not sorry. 

Now I have to get through the nail biting bit. 
Waiting for the results - I hope I didn't pop the corks too early ! ;) 
I should know by early December. 


Saturday, 10 May 2014

I'm in love

Ahhhh those heady first flushes of a new romance. Your heart sings, you have a permanent smile on your fizzog and your productivity soars. 

Meet my new love (sorry Mr P - but don't worry, you are still number 1!)

I can't tell you how much I love my new (old) machine - swoon.

I have wanted this baby for - EVER, but no way could I afford one :( wayyyyyy to expensive ! But ! I trawl eBay now and then, in the hope one would come on. A few weeks ago I was just minding my own business on eBay, as you do, and this popped up ! It had like 20 mins left and was on for more than I could afford, but there was a 'make me an offer' button. I looked at the item history and there were like 20 previous offers...... I was wondering if it was even worth adding one to the pile. I took a deep breath, offered as mush as I could without having to worry about bankrupting myself, and held my breath.

Well you can guess the rest, seeing as she's sat right in front of me ;) 

I really really really couldn't believe he accepted my offer, and with minutes to spare - the machine of my dreams was to be mine ;) literally half the price of a new one, and came to me after a full service. 

This is my second machine from eBay, my first was my serger - and fingers crossed I have never had any drama with either. There are decent honest sellers out there, I'm happy to report :) 

Anyway this machine has turned me into super stitcher. I have made no less than 5 dresses since I got her, and after practicing with the button hole maker, I'm looking forward it making some tops. My singer just didn't cut the mustard with button holes, for some reason it could never go through the fabric, and each time I tried it just left a hot mess (me !) and a very angry looking button hole. 

Even Mr P was excited by the new heavy machinery in our house, and couldn't resist putting his foot on the accelerator. I might get him to set up a blog, so he can show off his makes ;) 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Still sewing :)

Feeling the love for Emery right now :) when it's finished later today it will be number 2.

did make a bunch of changes to the pattern - raised the arm to hide bra straps ;) lengthened the bodice a smidge, created a pleated skirt, pinched out excess gape around neck and removed armhole gaping created from having a large bust. As usual I didn't put in a zip (not sorry !) as I never use zippers In shop bought dresses as I always just pull em on over my head. If I'm not going to use it then there is no point in having it as far as I can tell. ;) 

I'm such a bad blogger.... Since my last post I have made : (and this is more to remind myself !)

2 x Anna dress
1 x Anna and Gertie franken dress
1 x boiled wood pencil skirt 
1 x boiled wool simplicity 2451 skirt 
1 x green cord simplicity 2451
1 x Emery dress (second to be finished today) 
3 x Elisalex bodice/Gertie pencil skirt franken dresses
1 x red Gertie pencil skirt

Out of the above list I wear regularly : 

The 2 boiled wool skirts
The green cord skirt
The 2 Anna dresses
The Emery dress
3 x Gertilex dresses

would like to get some pics up at some stage - I have a week off in a weeks time, so maybe I can get something photographed then :) 

This is when having a blog is awesome, to remind it's owner what they liked and what worked, and what didn't. 

I am also trying to delve into new patterns and shapes. I didn't use the emery pattern skirt, I have been playing with pleats instead, which seem to be more flattering on my curvier figure than a whole load of bunching up on the waist from gathering. It's feels odd though I must admit, having extra fabric in a skirt - which poofs around me, (in a not unpleasant way), when I sit down. I have found the Anna gored skirt very flattering and it's a shape I shall revisit someday soon, once my affair with Emery has ended.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Excited !!

Much ?!?

I already bought new fabric !! 
(I had too ! Who carries 3.5 m of (the same) fabric in their stash ?!) 
It's in the wash right now, and I'm hoping to trace the pattern to sew at the weekend :) 

Love everyone's versions of this dress.... I been stalking like mad !! I literally can't stop looking for it online. Such a pretty little number. I'm sure ill have to make like a billion adjustments, but I exactly fit the measurements for one of the sizes, so I feel a tiny bit hopeful that this may be the dress that fits me out of the packet. A girl can dream right ;) 

By the way - Jackie ! You get the skirt. I have tried to email you a few times using the address you gave me but my mail keeps getting returned. Please mail me your details so I can send it out to you.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

A day out

I cant believe the weekend is already gearing down to meet the dawn of a new week. To make sure I didn't spend the entire weekend inside (I should be working on assignments !) I accompanied Mr P on a trip to Siblyback Lake.

He likes to go wake-boarding there. 

They have a cable thingy that goes around and around, dragging extremely happy folks behind it. 

I stayed on terra firma this time.
(I stay in terra firma EVERY TIME with wake boarding, as I don't remember being very good at it, and I have images of face plants into the water, watched by an audience literally hanging of your every move).

Maybe next time :-)

The cable park is pretty cool though....

Mr P likes it A LOT.

But if you prefer your engagement with water to be from a distance, you can always bob over to the cafe for an ice cream, and a bit of a sit down :-)

The day was overcast, but somehow my face feels warm from the sun. It was a good day spent getting ready for Sundays evil twin - commonly known as Monday.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

FO - Gerties pencil skirt (again !)

But this is the last one for a while....

Unfortunately I don't wear it !

In the fabric shop the colour of the fabric was a beautiful teal. When I sewed it up its was bottle green and looks like a school skirt ! How the heck does that happen ?!?

Plus I usually like natural fabrics, but this baby is definitely flammable. I was forced into buying it for its beautiful colour. Which then turned somehow into a school skirt.

Epic FAIL.

Ah well you live and learn.

I learnt for the second time how to hand sew a button hole. I also learnt how to perfectly match a button.
I continued to hone my hand picked zipper application.

Ugh ! Its hurting my eyes.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Give away - Simplicity 2451

Hiiii and a very happy Saturday 

I've no sewing planned as I have 2 assignments to write ! Boo !!

But, just because I can't have any fun, doesn't mean you shouldn't ;) 

I have a give away for you. The awesome simplicity skirt 2451 in size 4-12. This is for 1 new and uncut pattern. 

I must admit I bought the larger pattern for myself, but for some reason I've not had much luck in getting it finished ! which is gutting as I love this pattern. Maybe ill try again sometime. 

All you need to do to is leave me a comment by uk time 5pm on the 12th August. It would be good to hear about your worst sewing disaster, or, the one that got away !! 

 Obvs I'll ship to anywhere on the planet :) 


K xxx

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

FO - Yellow floral Banksia top


So, I finished this Banksia top. I will certainly be making more of these for sure, it is such an easy top to wear. And I like that its made in woven fabric as I am still yet to try and sew with a knit fabric. I feel scared for some reason ! More to do with the effects of the fabric on size, rather than a fear of actually sewing with the fabric.

I must admit I don't wear this one quite so much as the star print banksia that I made, as it does not seem to go with much in my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to my next version, which will be white and will therefore be a perfect match for almost anything :-)

The skirt is one I made previously. Its faded LOADS, because I wear it alllllll the time !!


K xx