Tuesday, 30 July 2013

FO - Yellow floral Banksia top


So, I finished this Banksia top. I will certainly be making more of these for sure, it is such an easy top to wear. And I like that its made in woven fabric as I am still yet to try and sew with a knit fabric. I feel scared for some reason ! More to do with the effects of the fabric on size, rather than a fear of actually sewing with the fabric.

I must admit I don't wear this one quite so much as the star print banksia that I made, as it does not seem to go with much in my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to my next version, which will be white and will therefore be a perfect match for almost anything :-)

The skirt is one I made previously. Its faded LOADS, because I wear it alllllll the time !!


K xx


  1. Really, really cute! I love this print!

    1. Thank you :-) I love this top but seriously need to sew up something to go with it now, so that I can wear it more ! xx

  2. Very cute! I love the little yellow flowers - so dainty!

    I think you should give knits a try. I think that with patterns made for knits, the sizing issue is already taken care of, i.e. those patterns have less ease than ones made for wovens.